Plant Care


What you should know about me, so that I am doing well!

The water supply should be done with rainwater or a mixture of 1 part of tap water and 3 parts of distilled water to provide me with not too much water dissolved minerals. Low-limp tap water is also suitable.

The planting material must be very permeable to water so that I do not drink too much. The most common cultural mistake is too much water! My natural rhythm would be: water once, almost dry and only then add water again.

Proper nutrient supply: I only grow vigorously and form green leaves when I am supplied with organic, liquid nutrients - approximately every 10 to 14 days - from March to the beginning of October. Yellow leaves are often a sign of nutrient deficiency!

First water the seed material well, then prepare the nutrient solution according to instructions and pour with the nutrient solution.